May 19, 2011

We finished up the Face To Face, Strung Out, The Darlings tour last weekend in Montreal, and since returning to work a couple days after getting home I haven’t had much time to go through the pics and videos I captured while out in the road.  This is my attempt to get a few things up as I sift through the memories and places.

This tour really was a dream come true for our band, and the pics in this blog don’t do the experience we had an ounce of justice.  I’m pretty sure that each member of The Artist Life can tie the reason they play in a punk rock band back to either one of the headliners that took us out on this tour.  Not only that, it was our first time touring in the US - which made it that much more special.  

Have a look at a few of the pics and we’ll try to get some more up in the next little while. 

Huge thanks to Face To Face, Strung Out and The Darlings for showing us a good time.  I hope it’s not the last time we all play shows together. 


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